Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Keyword Academy Article Directories

One of the hidden gems of The Keyword Academy's cheap paid membership program is their article directories. I have recently performed a test using them to see if it would help me make money with Hubpages. In fact, it already has.

About 2 weeks ago I slammed one hub with 40 different links from the Keyword Academy's article directories. (I did it all at once.) 4 keywords were targeted... Here are the before and after rankings:

Keyword 1
2 weeks ago rank = 46th
Now rank = 7th

Keyword 2
2 weeks ago rank = 18th
Now rank = 7th

Keyword 3
2 weeks ago rank = 10th
Now rank = 7th

Keyword 4
2 weeks ago rank = 46th
Now rank = 5th

The anchor text in my links were split up 25% to each of the 4 keywords. And it's in a higher competition niche than Court suggests getting into. Number One is an Amazon PR5.

Now I am spreading my TKA Article Directory link building out amongst a bunch of hubs that I view have high money making potential. In order to really make money with Hubpages, it is very helpful to have access to 50 different domains on which you can post a bunch of little 125 word posts, each with one link pointing to a hub.

My big question when I did this experiment was if the hub would be penalized for spammy backlinks. I didn't think it would, but I was surprised at how quickly it shot up the rankings... as well as how far. In the two weeks since I posted all the links, I have made a little over $12 in Amazon earnings alone from this one hub.

From that graph, it doesn't look hugely impressive. You can kind of see how the Google traffic had begun to die down after the initial New Content Bonus.

This next graph (from Google Analytics) shows how the new links directly correlated to a complete turnaround in the weekly search engine traffic to the hub:

What that graph doesn't show is that the traffic is notably more focused now. Keyword1 is dinging several times a day. Will it continue to grow or will I have to add some more links? I have resolved not to touch it in anyway until a month of data is in.

Now, it took me several hours to knock out forty 125-word articles and to actually post them to The Keyword Academy article directories. Since then, their system has been upgraded and made faster. It has become my new favorite tool in order to make money on Hubpages.

From now on, though, I will spread out my link building so that it looks more natural. Instead of attacking one hub all at once, I'm currently planning out spreadsheets that will keep me organized in hitting all the hubs I want to "nurture" a little bit at a time. If I understand Google's algorithm as well as I think I do, then the same amount of links will have a much more powerful and long-lasting effect when spread out over at least 2 months.

The Keyword Academy is the perfect complement in order to make money with Hubpages.