Saturday, July 11, 2009

Should You Use Kontera on Hubpages?

It's commonly believed that of all the ways to make money with Hubpages, Kontera is the worst. But is this true? Most hubbers will say yes, but there are a few who make a bit of cash this way. I have even heard of one woman who claims she makes $60 per month on only 100 hubs from Kontera alone.

I have only done a little experimenting with using Kontera to make money on Hubpages so far. And the results have been very unimpressive. I had a couple hubs around a political topic that got really hot all at once. Because there were no good Amazon or eBay products to sell around it, I decided to see what would happen if I turned on Kontera on these three hubs. I got about 1,000+ hits over the course of the next 24 hours and when I checked my earnings, this is what I saw:

I'm not sure how visible that shot of my earnings is, so I'll explain it a little. (It may get bigger if you click on it.) Basically it shows that I got 1,034 impressions and only 15 clicks. Well, okay. That's like a bad Adsense click-through rate. But then if you go on to look at how much those 15 clicks earned me? Twenty-eight cents. Each click was worth less than 2 cents.

At this rate I'll be dead before I get my first payout from them...

So, my analysis up to this point is that Kontera might be all right on the right hubs. It may be able to help you make money on Hubpages. A little extra money. I can't see it ever being worth actually designing your hubs around it.

But I really don't like the effect they have on the readability of pages. I know that this has nothing to do with making money, but it still bugs me. I noticed that WiseGeek uses them in addition to Adsense, and I'm sure those guys must have run the tests to see if it was worth it; to see if it damaged the Adsense earnings.

Anyway, here's my conclusion: block Kontera. Remove it. Turn it off. If someday you've got 100 or 200 hubs and you want to test it out for a few days, then go for it. But if you're not at that point yet it will only distract you from what's most important in terms of making money with Hubpages: getting a bunch of solid hubs up that are at least 550 words and have targeted some vulnerable keywords. First we have to get some volume going. Then maybe we can tweak things.

In terms of how to come up with some ideas for potentially vulnerable niches, I will be touching on that in my next post here on How to Make Money with Hubpages. I am going to give away at least one idea which I have not heard anyone else in the field mention yet. (I'm testing it out as we speak.) It's not your traditional keyword research.


  1. I wouldn't bother with Kontera. Not only do they look ugly on a page (and distract people from clicking the adsense ads), but if your earnings are less than $5 per month you forfeit that month's earnings. So you would have to earn large amounts with them to make money, but readers seem reluctant to click the ads, so you always find you are under $5.

  2. Yeah I'm not sure that $5 thing is true anymore, but I do agree that it's not worth it to bother with Kontera. If my mind changes I will surely report on it.

  3. I believe the $5 minimum or your money disapears is true - there was quite a discussion on the forums about it recently. I lost Kontera and my adsense CLR went up :-) Lissie

  4. I agree! Kontera has is a ripoff, unless you are really big in the internet arena. I have a few friends who use Kontera on hubpages just for the sake of doing so. They have it turned on on loads of other sites that are loaded with info and get loads of traffic. I think once starting out, be sure to use Adsense and stick with it. Once you start getting good results and learnt the keyword hunting game, then move on to other networks like Kontera.

  5. I searching to determine whether to use kontera on hubpages or not. Okay, this post (and the stats) settles it. Thanks for the info. I've decided not to use kontera.

    I had to laugh when you said "At this rate I'll be dead before I get my first payout".

  6. Thank you it is a wonderful guide, now to make money with hubpages is without a doubt easy with the help of your advice. Kudos

  7. Thanx..omg i was about to depend fully on Kontera.
    Thank you again for saving my time

    jayaraj j s