Saturday, July 4, 2009

50 Amazon-Centric Hubpages in July

If you are new here, I highly suggest signing up for Hubpages. It's completely free.

This blog is all about how I and many others are making a significant (and growing) income off of writing articles on this great site. Basically how it works is that Hubpages is a trusted authority by Google, and thus it is much easier to rank for keywords by putting your content on their site instead of your own. In exchange for them letting you get a little piece of the Google love, they take 30-40% of the revenue generated by your content. You get to take home 60%. If you sign up through me I will get a piece of Hubpages' revenue, not yours. I repeat: signing up through my links here will not take away from your earnings at all.

All I ask is that if you are new to Hubpages you sign up through my links. In exchange I'll diffuse everything I learn here on this blog for free. Mmmm k?

Anyway, onto my exploits:

So I have just decided my goal for this month. But first let's go over what I didn't accomplish the last few weeks: I didn't create 300 hubs. Hahaha. It was a noble goal... Instead I made about 20 hubs. A couple have earned me a few bucks so far. To be more specific: it probably ended up being about a $30 income exclusively through Amazon sales. It was certainly enough to brighten my spirits at the prospect of earning money on Hubpages, a reaction that seems to be quite common amongst Internet marketers everywhere these days.

I have now compiled a hodge-podge list of keywords and products that I think I can do reasonably well for you in the Google search engine rankings. All of them correspond to items selling on Amazon, as that is my only good method of monetization right now seeing as I have no Adsense account. (Amazon is really a great program because anyone who is a "buyer" online already has an Amazon account and trusts them.)

July Hubpages Goal

I plan to make 50 hubs over the rest of July. Today is the 4th, so that gives me 28 days. I will be splitting the work up into 4 a day on the weekends and 1 a day during the week. (I double as, of all things, an article writer during the week or I'd be making 4+ hubs everyday; gotta bring home the bacon before you can bring home the pig.)

All of these hubs will be geared towards Amazon products, and now that I know what has worked for me with my first 20 hubs I think I will be able to better duplicate the successful ones and eliminate the strategies that haven't worked so far. In my previous post I alluded to the best Hubpages Amazon layout. So far I have found nothing that works better than that.

So, I think I might be done babbling here. I have work to do bringing together all my Amazon affiliate ideas that are scattered here, there, and everywhere around my apartment and on the computer. And then I have to create 4 hubs.

Link Building

A quick note about link building: I think I will put this on the back burner while I focus on creating 50 (or more) hubs this month. Maybe I'll spend the first week of August sending some love from Ezine, etc. I did that for my first 18 or so hubs and I think it helped. But it's best to divide up or batch work if possible. More gets done.

Remember: it's never too late to just take the plunge and sign up for Hubpages. It's not unrealistic to expect to create a couple thousand dollars a month of passive income. You just need time and a good work ethic. (If you lack one you can make up for it with the other.) I will continue to be here giving away my tips for you to follow.


  1. I just can't seem to get any traction with Amazon on my hubs. Not sure why. I have had click throughs but no sales alas.

    I understand Amazon have a 24 hour cookie, and my guess is that people buy later than this. Not sure how to write hubs so urgently that they want to purchase now, this very minute, instead of merely browsing Amazon and coming back when the cookie has expired.

  2. Yeah Amazon may not be the best. It seems like eBay has better results for people because of their 30 day cookie. Nevertheless I'm still working on getting my eBay and Adsense accounts up and running, so in the meantime I'm focusing on good Adsense keywords that also have at least decent Amazon products I can sell alongside them.

    Now, last month my Amazon conversion rate fluctuated wildly until by the end of the month it landed at 12% (for the month). I think 12% is quite good. It's not that 12% of clickers are buying something, though. I found that every once in a while I was getting someone who would click through and buy 3 or 4 things :D

    In the long run on Hubpages, Amazon is best used as a targeted supplemental income to the steadier Adsense money. I've definitely found that I have to do more planning and product-specific research in order to have a better return on my hubs from Amazon sales.

    The key that I've heard over and over again is using specific product names, model numbers, specs, etc. I don't just throw them in there, though. I place them nicely in the context of actual writing and reviewing.

    So, as for the "selling" aspect of things I try not to sell too hard in my copy. Instead I try to get the keyword traffic of people who are likely to be "late in the buying cycle". I just want to intercept them and clear up their last doubts before I pass them on to their true destination (Amazon) where they were really headed anyway.

  3. Hey Nat - good luck with your goal of 50 hubs in July! I'm enjoying reading this info from you... I'm just at the stage now in TKA strategy where I start making hub pages for my sites. Of course, all the surrounding hype about using hubpages to make $ has got me interested in doing a "challenge" of some sort too. We'll see.

  4. Good luck to you too. Hubpages is such a great platform. Will it last? Who knows, but right now there is A LOT of money to be snatched.

    I only did 1 hub this weekend, so I've got about 8 behind. I did get to do a ton of great keyword research this afternoon, though, so I feel quite good about that.

    Anyway, good luck when you start your hubs. If you haven't done any yet I think you'll be quite happy with how well they rank in the Google SERPS.

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