Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Examples of Successful Money-Making Hubs

I thought I would give away a couple of the models I have used to learn how to make money with Hubpages:

1. The Truth About Wu Yi Tea

This hub has made over $200 in one day. It was made by Maddie Ruud, who is now a Hubpages employee. (I guess they realized she knows what she's doing!) Notice how she has perfectly relevant Adsense, Amazon, and eBay ads and products displaying all up and down her article.

If I had a few money-making hubs like this there's no way I would go to work anywhere. In fact, I don't go to work any "where" as it is... But I'd still prefer the passive income versus the money I earn writing (for others).

Maddie's hub ranks first in Google for the search "wu yi tea" which gets 81,000 searches a month worldwide. The Google Adwords Keyword Tool says that the term only gets a cost per click of $0.05 but I guarantee that this is wrong. Anyone who's ever used Adwords knows that Google basically doesn't let you display ads for less than $0.25 or so, and that's when there's no competition. Maybe this particular term has been somewhat diluted but there is still obviously a large and relevant inventory of ads as evidenced by the ones displaying on Maddie's hub.

(Google's sponsored links tool (shout out to Josh B) shows 54 different advertisers.)

2. Five Best iPhone Bluetooth Headsets

This is the hub that I showed a snapshot of in my post about making money with Amazon on Hubpages. It was written awhile ago by Mark Knowles. I read somewhere that it makes a couple hundred dollars per month through Amazon sales alone, although that may have been awhile ago. I imagine it's still doing pretty well, regardless.

It echoes my own thoughts (and experience) that electronics in the $50 to $200 range sell well. My own best performing hub last month was modeled after Mark's design of: brief review + picture followed below by the Amazon link. Rinse, repeat.

(Remember: I am still waiting on my Adsense account so in the mean time I am trying to make money with Hubpages via Amazon affiliate sales. I can't wait until I can turn on Adsense.)

If you're looking to build a super-hub you may want to read Mark's hub called How I got my hub to be on Google's first page. Not only is he helpful but he writes with... personality!

3. Want to Make Money with Hubpages? Forget the Myths!

This is a hub that I just discovered tonight. In itself I don't know if it's making money but the author displays her Adsense earnings screen shot showing two individual hubs which are making $96 and $90 respectively. Those were one-month money totals. She makes a great point about how you don't necessarily have to have a lot of hubs in order to make money on Hubpages (although that is one way that is certainly working for some people). Instead, you can focus on making a smaller number of hubs a lot stronger. I suspect this is what I will gravitate toward once I get my Adsense going.

By the way, she seems to like to write about computer viruses.

Other Successful Money-Making Hubbers

Now, Court from The Keyword Academy has stated somewhere that he had a $300 hub last month. He built 100 hubs for the HubChallenge and that was his best performing one. I think he had a couple others around $100. And of course a lot of duds, which is to be expected. With links and age they should perform better over time.

One last resource: the article where I first learned of Maddie's hub was this interview with Hubpages employee Ryan Hupfer. It may help you to believe you can make money with Hubpages -- if you're not there already.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Should You Use Kontera on Hubpages?

It's commonly believed that of all the ways to make money with Hubpages, Kontera is the worst. But is this true? Most hubbers will say yes, but there are a few who make a bit of cash this way. I have even heard of one woman who claims she makes $60 per month on only 100 hubs from Kontera alone.

I have only done a little experimenting with using Kontera to make money on Hubpages so far. And the results have been very unimpressive. I had a couple hubs around a political topic that got really hot all at once. Because there were no good Amazon or eBay products to sell around it, I decided to see what would happen if I turned on Kontera on these three hubs. I got about 1,000+ hits over the course of the next 24 hours and when I checked my earnings, this is what I saw:

I'm not sure how visible that shot of my earnings is, so I'll explain it a little. (It may get bigger if you click on it.) Basically it shows that I got 1,034 impressions and only 15 clicks. Well, okay. That's like a bad Adsense click-through rate. But then if you go on to look at how much those 15 clicks earned me? Twenty-eight cents. Each click was worth less than 2 cents.

At this rate I'll be dead before I get my first payout from them...

So, my analysis up to this point is that Kontera might be all right on the right hubs. It may be able to help you make money on Hubpages. A little extra money. I can't see it ever being worth actually designing your hubs around it.

But I really don't like the effect they have on the readability of pages. I know that this has nothing to do with making money, but it still bugs me. I noticed that WiseGeek uses them in addition to Adsense, and I'm sure those guys must have run the tests to see if it was worth it; to see if it damaged the Adsense earnings.

Anyway, here's my conclusion: block Kontera. Remove it. Turn it off. If someday you've got 100 or 200 hubs and you want to test it out for a few days, then go for it. But if you're not at that point yet it will only distract you from what's most important in terms of making money with Hubpages: getting a bunch of solid hubs up that are at least 550 words and have targeted some vulnerable keywords. First we have to get some volume going. Then maybe we can tweak things.

In terms of how to come up with some ideas for potentially vulnerable niches, I will be touching on that in my next post here on How to Make Money with Hubpages. I am going to give away at least one idea which I have not heard anyone else in the field mention yet. (I'm testing it out as we speak.) It's not your traditional keyword research.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

50 Amazon-Centric Hubpages in July

If you are new here, I highly suggest signing up for Hubpages. It's completely free.

This blog is all about how I and many others are making a significant (and growing) income off of writing articles on this great site. Basically how it works is that Hubpages is a trusted authority by Google, and thus it is much easier to rank for keywords by putting your content on their site instead of your own. In exchange for them letting you get a little piece of the Google love, they take 30-40% of the revenue generated by your content. You get to take home 60%. If you sign up through me I will get a piece of Hubpages' revenue, not yours. I repeat: signing up through my links here will not take away from your earnings at all.

All I ask is that if you are new to Hubpages you sign up through my links. In exchange I'll diffuse everything I learn here on this blog for free. Mmmm k?

Anyway, onto my exploits:

So I have just decided my goal for this month. But first let's go over what I didn't accomplish the last few weeks: I didn't create 300 hubs. Hahaha. It was a noble goal... Instead I made about 20 hubs. A couple have earned me a few bucks so far. To be more specific: it probably ended up being about a $30 income exclusively through Amazon sales. It was certainly enough to brighten my spirits at the prospect of earning money on Hubpages, a reaction that seems to be quite common amongst Internet marketers everywhere these days.

I have now compiled a hodge-podge list of keywords and products that I think I can do reasonably well for you in the Google search engine rankings. All of them correspond to items selling on Amazon, as that is my only good method of monetization right now seeing as I have no Adsense account. (Amazon is really a great program because anyone who is a "buyer" online already has an Amazon account and trusts them.)

July Hubpages Goal

I plan to make 50 hubs over the rest of July. Today is the 4th, so that gives me 28 days. I will be splitting the work up into 4 a day on the weekends and 1 a day during the week. (I double as, of all things, an article writer during the week or I'd be making 4+ hubs everyday; gotta bring home the bacon before you can bring home the pig.)

All of these hubs will be geared towards Amazon products, and now that I know what has worked for me with my first 20 hubs I think I will be able to better duplicate the successful ones and eliminate the strategies that haven't worked so far. In my previous post I alluded to the best Hubpages Amazon layout. So far I have found nothing that works better than that.

So, I think I might be done babbling here. I have work to do bringing together all my Amazon affiliate ideas that are scattered here, there, and everywhere around my apartment and on the computer. And then I have to create 4 hubs.

Link Building

A quick note about link building: I think I will put this on the back burner while I focus on creating 50 (or more) hubs this month. Maybe I'll spend the first week of August sending some love from Ezine, etc. I did that for my first 18 or so hubs and I think it helped. But it's best to divide up or batch work if possible. More gets done.

Remember: it's never too late to just take the plunge and sign up for Hubpages. It's not unrealistic to expect to create a couple thousand dollars a month of passive income. You just need time and a good work ethic. (If you lack one you can make up for it with the other.) I will continue to be here giving away my tips for you to follow.