Monday, June 29, 2009

Hubpages + Amazon Revenue Update and a Nod to Keyword Academy

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So it's been awhile since I gave any update here. I figure I better reiterate what the original plan was and how it has morphed since the beginning of the Amazon + Hubpages experiment began on June 13. (That was 16 days ago.)

The original Hubpages / Amazon affiliate experiment

Originally my plan was to create 300 hubs by July 4th. I would've had to have been writing about 15 hubs a day. That has not happened at all. I got caught up a bit when I re-thought things and realized that could end up being a major waste of time. In all reality, I was probably just balking.

For all you new hubbers, the fact that I don't have an Adsense ID means that I am going to leave a lot of money on the table for Hubpages to pick up if I go and create a bunch of hubs. Nevertheless, I have seen some promising reas
ons to go forward with my plan to create hubs that specifically focus on trying to make money through Amazon affiliate links. (Hubpages lets you easily stick these product links on your hubs, provided you have an affiliate ID with them, which I do.)

Hubpages + Amazon affiliate revenue so far

So far I have made some good Amazon sales through some of my hubs. I have 25 total hubs. And I have made about $19. So, let's do some math so we can extrapolate this data out into the future:

$19 / 25 hubs = $0.76 / hub

That took place over 16 days, so we can call it approximately $1.50 per hub per month. That means over the course of one year each hub would be worth $18.

These estimates are actually conservative. The fact is that at least a few of my hubs are not targeting Amazon sales. (They do not even have affiliate product links on them.) Furthermore, some were thrown together haphazardly while others I concentrated more upon. Based on the little sample of data that I have so far, there is definitely a return on that extra effort involved in the initial creation of the hub.

$17 of that $19 came from one or two hubs selling the exact same product. What is that niche? I'm not going to tell you that. I will tell you the method I have favored and which has led essentially to all of my Amazon sales: Reviewing a product or multiple similar products, and puttin the Amazon link underneath each review. (i.e. in between two reviews) Whatever you do, I don't think you want to hide that buying opportunity amongst too much crowding on your hub.

The above is a perfect example of the way I've been laying out my Amazon hubs for the most part. It's taken from a hub which has done very well, producing I think a couple hundred bucks for the author, Mark Knowles, on a monthly basis. He is a great guy to follow on Hubpages because he represents the "well-thought out" approach to making money over there. All in all with this approach to making money online you end up doing less writing but more thinking. If you can leverage your brain you should be able to do at least as well as others who are bombarding the space with articles. This is kind of in keeping with Grizzly's less is more philosophy. We'll see how it continues to work out.

A community of like-minded money-makers: The Keyword Academy

Without the Keyword Academy, I never would've thought to get into Hubpages, so a big shout out to Court and Mark who have put together an educational resource and community of like-minded "make money onliners", many of whom (including your truly) who will probably end up being able to create a sustained passive income form applying what they teach.

If you sign up for the Keyword Academy, the first month will only cost you $1. You pay through Paypal and you can cancel through Paypal without dealing with Court & Mark at all. If you cancel before a month is gone by, then that is that and you go on your merry way. If you decide to stay on like I have decided to do, then it will cost you $33 per month. I can tell you it is the best money I have ever spent in my life, in terms of getting a financial return on money spent. By the way, make sure to sign up for the trial month which allows you access to the forum: this is the premium or $33 option. It's in the forum that I have gained most of my knowledge.

The bottom line is that making money online is not hard. It mostly requires a good model to follow and some work on your part. If you can grasp the basics and implement them, it should be easy to recoup any initial expenses (Keyword Academy, domain, hosting, etc.). After that it all starts to be come gravy, and if you have a bit of smarts about you, you will figure out ways to cash in on "the buying public" while genuinely helping them at the same time. This is what Taking Hub Mountain is all about: putting Google's love for Hubpages together with people's trust of Amazon in order to develop as passive an income as possible. All from the comfort of my computer chair in my apartment in New Jersey :-P So jump on board and let's tackle this thing while it's hot!

Monday, June 15, 2009

36 Hour Update

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9 hubs done in 36 hours. Not exactly on pace, I don't think.

1 hub / 4 hours = 300 hubs /1200 hours

1200 hours / 24 hours/day = 50 days

So, at this pace it'll take me 50 days to get to my goal of 300 hubs.

Why did I slow up?

I was so raring to go, but -- I hesitated because I started worrying about the fact that I don't have a way to get an Adsense account. I so curse the day I lost that now. What an idiotic thing to happen. If not for that, I'd be tearing through Hubs.

Hubpages are simply amazing. Anyone who might ever read this blog I'm sure will already know that, but I'm only learning it as we speak here. One question that still remains for me here is: will hubs fall quickly after their initial new content bonus? And after they fall, will they stay down? And how much will it take to prop up hubs at that point? (i.e. links)

How I'm approaching my Goal to Master Amazon sales on Hubpages

My strategy at the moment is basically this:
  1. Wisely pick a niche/keyword/idea to go after.
  2. Throw shit at that wall.
  3. Spend a good deal of time, effort, and thought on each of these before I throw them against the wall.
  4. Throw it at the wall.
  5. Go back and pick out a new target/keyword.
  6. Repeat.
  7. Et cetera.
Don't worry if that doesn't make sense. It makes sense to me, and it's what I'm doing. If it actually shows results, I'll flesh it out a lot more and concentrate on communicating my style.

Because I'm focusing on Amazon and not Adsense (at all), I'm applying some different keyword selection than Court and Mark recommend. In short, a good Adsense keyword can be a bad Amazon keyword and vice versa.

Example: "bad credit mortgage" is I think a great Adsense keyword. It probably has almost no A-zon worth. I think that customer is looking to get free information quick and fast; he doesn't want to order a book about how to get a fucked up mortgage for his shitty credit score and wait three fuckin weeks for it. Dial 1-800-OBAMA. It's quicker. (j/k)

For instance, I just did a mammoth 2,500 word post about five books that meant a lot to me. (Over on Hubs.) This is a real shit thrown at the wall type of hub. I am doing it mainly to see what happens. Does it pull in more long tails? Does Google like it better or worse? Does it gain me some sort of Hubluv? Is there even such a thing? I have an Amazon link to go buy the book at the end of each pod about each book.

This is the fun part of Hubs -- throwing shit out there and seeing what happens. Oooh it's such a surprise!

I link some hubs together and don't link others to see what happens differently to them. It's a really great science lab like that. You can pick up patterns better. I think picking up patterns is the real job of an Internet Marketer. If you can't do that, then you can probably make a living just following someone else's direction like Court. But if you can see patterns yourself, and the subtler the better, then you can go fishing for bigger fish and operate with more... diversity's not the word... ehhhh... with your eggs in a bunch of different baskets whatever that's called in investing. But you can grab fruit early on, too, etc., etc. If you're a good pattern seer you'll come up with internet marketing techniques no one else has invented yet. That has to be a good thing. All things equal.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

300 Hubs in 21 Days? OMG!!

Inspired by the infamous Ban Kung and his Make Money Online with SEO blog, I have decided to embark on an odyssey unlike any other ever undertaken in the Internet MMO world:

I will create 300 hubs
in 3 weeks
(aka 21 days)
starting tomorrow.

By 12:00am
East Coast US time
July 4th, 2009,
Independence Day
here in America
I will have created 300
solid-quality hubs:

each and everyone
aimed at making Amazon sales
because my Adsense is banned
and eBay won't accept me :-(

Just to clarify things I have made 4 hubs total in the past and they will not count towards the 300 in 3 weeks self-challenge.

There comes a time in every great Internet Marketer's life when he or she has to stop pussy-footing around this thing, pretending that there's a way to avoid working "like a dog" as Ben says.

At some point you have to stop thinking and start acting. Stop reading and start writing. Stop dreaming and make 300 God-damned hubs in 21 days. Even though:
  1. your Adsense is banned
  2. you have to do your day job
  3. Hubpages might not maintain its high view in Google's eyes
  4. Hubs take 40% of your money
  5. "Well it's not such a good long-term strategy... Bah bah bah."
While you are making your excuses I will be making a ton of money, or else setting myself up to make a ton of money, or at the very least I will be very solidly learning that I just wasted 3 weeks of my life oh well. The potential reward outweighs the risk.

Enough blather. I have to plan my strategy so I can get at least 10 hubs done my first day tomorrow.